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The Arronax facility

The Arronax plant is installed in a 4000 m² building, located 1 rue Aronnax, Saint Herblain, in the suburbs of Nantes, near the north branch of the University Hospital. This building is built on a 10 000 m² plot of land in the Bio-Ouest Laënnec technology park.

The building is split into 3 parts:
• A conventional area (blue on plan) comprising offices, a conference room, the cyclotron control-command room, an electrical supply room and standard service areas (heating equipment, ventilation system, compressor, etc.).
• A controlled area (in yellow) in which all nuclear activities are performed. Here are the cyclotron, its reaction shields, its utilities, the various laboratories, storage areas for nuclear waste, target processing areas (hot cells, etc.)
• A technical space (in green), to allow for growth in activity, or for use by partners and R/D consortiums developed by Arronax.