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Laboratories & apparatus

In the controlled area of ARRONAX several laboratories allow the handling of radioactive isotopes safely:

  • 2 radiochemistry laboratories (ZCE1 and ZCE2) each containing two fume hoods and glove box.
  • 1 cell culture laboratory microscope with a time lapse, a CO2 incubator, a centrifuge, a biological safety cabinet (PSM) and a fume hood
  • 1 radiolabeling laboratory equiped with a hot cell and a phospho-imager cyclone.
  • 1 metrology room containing three gamma spectrometers with their lead shielding, two alpha spectrometrer,a liquid scintillator, a gas detector alpha / beta total.
  • 2 target preparation room containing two electroplating system, a binocular.
  • 1 control room containing three quality HPLC which can be coupled to a radioactivity detector or IT-TOF, an UV-visible spectrometer, a GC-MS, an ICP-AES, an electromobility device.
  • 1 GMP production lab containing 3 shielded cells.
  • 1 sterile GMP production lab containing 5 ht cells equipede with an ionisation chamber.

Access to these laboratories and the materials is possible for external users. To do this, you must make a request to plandemanip@arronax-nantes.fr.