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Accelerator physics and beam diagnostics PhD

In order to support present operation, transition towards higher intensities and prepare developments of beam lines and experiments, it is essential to study several global beam characteristics. The PhD position aim to support these goals.
Particularly, the thesis is expected to focus on studies of beam dynamics, beam quality, dimension, shape, intensities and particle losses along the beam lines.
These studies will lead to methodology for emittance measurements and beam tuning in accordance to cyclotron uses by experimentalists (i.e. at high intensities and also at very low intensities, below 100 pA).
For this work, it is necessary to implement and use specific diagnostics such as monitors for particle losses and transverse dimension measurements systems.
The project will further tackle the implementation and use of on-site diagnostics as well as developments of new strategies for beam tuning.

The thesis takes part in this project and will be on both experimental and simulation work.

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