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Radionuclide Yield Calculator

Radionuclide Yield Calculator is a free, small program that calculates production yield and activity of radioisotopes based on the given cross-section and irradiation parameters (projectiles include protons, deuterons and alpha particles).

Main features

  • fit different functions to the cross-section data
  • import the TENDL-2015 cross-sections
  • calculate the production yield
  • calculate the activity at EOB
  • search the radioactive impurities

Windows 64-bit
msvbvm50.dll (usually installed by default on Windows)

Download and installation:
Download the RYC.zip archive and extract its content on your drive. It will take around 60 Mb (the manual is also included). Look up the RYC.exe file among the extracted files and execute it to launch Radionuclide Yield Calculator (the first launch might take a few seconds). The program will automatically communicate with other files when needed and this doesn’t require the user’s intervention. However, all downloaded files must be in the same directory when you launch RYC.

TENDL-2015 library:
RYC can automatically download TENDL-2015 cross-section from the website :
Although in certain cases, it might not work. Then, you can download the TENDL-archive.zip, which contains TENDL-lib directory with all the residual cross-section from TENDL-2015 on stable nucleus. Extract the archive and place TENDL-lib directory with all its files in the directory with all other RYC files. TENDL-lib takes 0.5 Gb and has around 350 000 files.



Contact: mateusz.sitarz(at)univ-nantes.fr